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Great looking cock baby, reaaaaally great looking cock! Wow! This is what I love to find when ending up at a new man’s house and things get to the point where I release his beast from his restricting pants, this is pretty much what I’m hoping falls out at my moist and eager lips, ready to suck you! Your length is pretty much perfect. It has a great above average length that will penetrate my tight body deep without dwelling too deep. Your girth is also great. Pretty average as far as meat, but add those throbbing veins and it really kicks up how your girth looks, and how your dick feels against my velvet insides! Finally that dick head is nice! It’s a great way to top off a great shaft, classic shape nice girth. This cock is super nice, and with more girth, you’d be an easy 5/5, but I’d consider it a 4.5/5 Love!

smooches, jenny

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