Basic Cock Review: This Dick Has Yummy Written All Over It

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Thanks for the pics baby.  You’ve really shown me what you’re working with here.  Let’s get straight to your rate sweetie.  First off, you’re rocking a very sexy dick head.  It’s big, it’s wider than the shaft, and it’s ridged juuuuust right for maximum stimulation of all my super sensitive parts.  Plus, wrapping my lips around this bad boy would definitely be tasty.  You have a cock that was just made for sucking baby.  Your shaft is longer than average, and that upward curve is something I don’t see all that often.  Curved cocks are always fun, because they can rub the inside of my tight, firm body in ways that a straight cock just never will be able to.   Now, let’s talk about your girth.  Honestly sweetie you don’t have a whole lot of man meat on this rod of yours.  Don’t get me wrong; you’re not pencil thin by any means.  But, you’re not going to get confused for a baseball bat, either.  I prefer the cocks I play with to be thick.  My idea of great girth is a cock that’s going to spread my pussy wide and fill me completely.  Your rock hard member just isn’t going to do that for me sweetie.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t feel you, though.  With the gorgeous cock head, I know you could do some mind blowing things for me. Your sack looks absolutely yummy, and I’m honestly wet just at the thought of running my tongue over sack and running my lips over it.  This is the kind of sack that I want slapping against me while you fucked me fast, hard, and deep.  You’ve got a nice cock here sweetie.  I just wish you were rocking a bit more girth.  3/5
love, jenny

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